Sacramento-based fine art photographer, creating environmental portraits and landscapes. She has been exhibiting her photographs all over the US and abroad since 2012. She got into NFTs in February 2021, via NFT Tips on Clubhouse. She spent most of a year educating and observing the NFT ecosystem before minting her first works in February 2022.

Juliet is constantly looking at other artists’ work for inspiration. Since childhood, she has been collecting images and tear sheets from Vogue to Sears catalogs to National Geographic. She said that she has always sought visual stimuli, and that wealth of imagery is available for inspiration. She mentioned Pinterest but said that she mostly looks at others’ work on Twitter these days.



I asked what has been the strongest influence on her work. She responded that she has always loved the macabre nature of fashion/portrait photographers, Tim Walker and David LaChapelle.

I became intrigued and wanted to know more about her process. How does she find her image? She said that she often will grab her cameras and drives around looking for something to catch her eye. “Inexplicably, I’m drawn to decrepit, abandoned buildings.” Once there, she has to overcome her fear of getting busted for trespassing or possibly shot at. None of those have ever happened, but the fears remain.

But the real “finding” happens when she is editing. Then she is looking for an editorial thread that links the images together.

We talked about the sustainability of artists as collectors. She shared that she collects more than she sells, at the moment, but that she has sold more NFTs in 6 months than she has in 10 years exhibiting her photos in galleries. What she really loves is building relationships with other NFT artists, and often will buy art from people that collect her work.



Some of her favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, Bettina Rheims, Francesca Woodman, and Francis Bacon, to name a few.

Her favorite color has gone from pink to black, to purple.

If she could change 1 thing in the NFT ecosystem it would be to be rid of the scammers and ruggers!

 She is currently working on her Route 66 series. She went on a road trip in October, and has thousands of images to go through!

The message she wants people to get from her work is to like it and buy it! But she wants to let her audience find the meaning within each image.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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