‘Origins: Genesis’ —
A project to bring the art world on chain

6 reasons digital art collectors — and art lovers everywhere — will want to take part in our project’s upcoming art drops

The historic “Origins: Genesis” drop showcases hundreds of handmade works by some of the top artists in the Caribbean. Don’t miss out on one of the biggest drops of the year!  

1. This is a blue-chip project

“Origins” is a historic, long-term Grails project. The reason? This isn’t just another copycat NFT project. We believe artwork of every kind deserves to be on the blockchain. We are leading the way in helping to make the Web3 space more diverse, inclusive and welcoming to artists from all cultures, traditions and heritages.

“Conch Shell,” a digital work derived from acrylic on paper, by Isabel Berenos of Curaçao.

Conch art

2. The artwork is outstanding

When you buy one of these works, you can proudly show it off like an art patron. Chances are good you’ll own a digital wall canvas sometime in the 2020s. Nearly all works are 4,000 to 5,000 pixels tall or wide — and would look fantastic on a big wall screen in your living room or home office.

“Grip,” a digital work derived from an acrylic work on canvas, by Carlos Dávila Rinaldi of Puerto Rico.

Grip by Carlos Dávila Rinaldi

“Most people who have been paying attention to the space over the past two years have learned that art is probably a good bet to make. Art’s a really smart bet and a really good use case for NFTs.”

— Carly Reilly of Overpriced JPEGs on the Proof podcast, July 15, 2023


“The best time to buy NFTs and digital collectibles is in a bear market.”

— collector Rene Arana 

3. Rewards & utility galore!

Every digital artwork in this drop comes with added value. You might get turned into an anime character by Jamaican pixel artist Karly. You might want to visit an artist in his studio. Each work also comes with the Expressions All-Access pass — good for five years — entitling you to free entry to a series of online and in-person events planned with artists, photographers and other creatives. You also get whitelisted for future drops. See the full list of rewards.

Giveaway: Expressions is giving away a 32-inch Blackdove wall canvas (retail value $999) in a drawing held during our X Spaces following Drop 3!

4. We have a roadmap

This is not a one-off art drop or a project that doesn’t know what it wants to do after launch. “Origins” will usher in a new platform for creatives and collectors called Expressions — followed by a community token release. We already have early clients, including Blackdove (maker of digital canvases) and Curinde (which helps manage the Caribbean Free Trade Zone). You can read details of the Project Roadmap on our sister site,, and see the expansive Tokenomics that our team devised with veterans of the DeFi space.

“Pride of Barbados” by Trinidadian artist  Rodell Warner.  

5. It's for worthy causes

Each artwork in this drop sets aside 5% to 10% of the proceeds — or more — to a worthy charitable cause at the grassroots level, including Hope for Haiti, Sea Turtle Conservancy, Turks & Caicos Reef Fund, Caribbean Equality Project and The Hub Collective.

The Sea Turtle Conservancy, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, is harnessing its decades of experience to carry out the world’s most successful sea turtle protection and recovery programs.


6. Bonus: $AMBR tokens

Upon the release of the $AMBR token upon a vote by the community in 2024, 100 to 1,000 $AMBR tokens will be airdropped to holders of an “Origins: Genesis” NFT (depending on the phase). So it pays to buy and hold.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to be alerted when the drop is ready to go live!

About our project

What is this about?

“Origins: Genesis” is the first of 10 drops with the goal of making the Web3 art and collectibles space more diverse and inclusive. The drop will be on Ethereum at low buy-now prices rather than an auction-style mint.

Where does the money go?

100% of the proceeds go to the artists or to nonprofits. Part of every purchase goes to helping us build out a next-generation Web3 social platform.

Who’s behind it?

This is not a project with anonymous founders — check out our team here. Expressions is a project of the nonprofit Artists and Creatives Foundation. Our team members hail from a dozen countries — because we believe diversity is the fabric that makes teams stronger and smarter. See our early backers below.

What’s your vibe?

We vibe on collaboration, openness, inclusiveness, creativity, freedom and decentralization. Are you an innovator? Do you love art? Come join our community!

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