Artist specializes in digital painting, collage and photography

This interview took place while Kamba was in transit, so there were some connectivity issues. Kamba is a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist who specializes in digital painting, photo collage and photography. He got started in NFTs in early 2021 and didn’t make a single sale for seven months. But he didn’t give up, he kept learning and experimenting and creating art/NFTs. He finds inspiration in his surroundings in Nigeria — the culture and the people, as well as from his personal experience. Sometimes he will go online to research a project or look for something inspirational. He mentioned that he loves that he can explore other cultures and art from around the world.
I asked about his process, and he said that he starts with drawing. And most of the time that is done on his phone. Once he gets the concept down, he starts adding black and white photos and digital painting on top of that. I mentioned that there is a large Nigerian NFT scene and asked if he took part in the network. He said the community has been a huge support for him. That they are there for engagement on social media, inspiration, collaboration, and buying his NFTs. I wanted to know why he puts the same barcode on his artwork. He responded that it represents authenticity and that it sets his work apart.
high fashion
If he could change one thing in the NFT ecosystem it would be to get rid of the scammers that pose as collectors. His favorite artist is Ten Hundred. He doesn’t have a favorite color, he loves all colors. He is currently working on a few paintings to be listed on Foundation.   The message he wants people to get from his work is, “Be inspired to be yourself, be your own inspiration.”
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