Yagama is a mixed-media artist that celebrates the female energy in all of us. She is a queer, solo mom living in Berlin. She has been creating art all her life, she started making NFTs about a year ago.

She believes that inspiration is an energy that comes from the goddess, Shakti and that it needs to be coaxed and nurtured to come out every day. She said inspiration is a need for internal transformation. 

She has been a life-long researcher, and she draws upon that knowledge when creating. She studied Cultural Anthropology and Religion in college. This has given her a visual language of symbology to draw upon.

biting peonie

I asked about her genesis collection, Pussynator, and the process she used when creating these. She let me know that this series is a response to being a solo mom, and to childbirth. She needed to be able to create fast, and also to be able to put it away, so that she could focus on being a mom. It started with her using textile paints to paint the panties, which was something she did as a child. After the panties where done, she then set up her camera to take pictures of herself in different poses. She wanted to make sure that “tatas and vaginas” were present as they are the alpha and omega of motherhood. The biting panties are representations of the mouth that eats everything and is a way to show the rage she was feeling in new motherhood.

We went on to talk about women’s sexuality being a taboo subject in art, specifically in the NFT market. And how censorship in social media comes into play by burying those images. She sees the world as being in constant intercourse. Sex is only 1 layer, and there are always phases and constant change.

ring my bell-wake up

Her favorite artist? “Too many amazing artists exist in the world, and we often don’t know their names.”

Favorite color? Rainbow iridescent, especially Mother of Pearl.

She is currently working on finishing the Pussynator series and will be releasing the last 10 when they are all done. She is also working on a mixed-media piece that she is currently editing in Procreate.

The message she wants people to get from her work is that Art is Medicine.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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