Chairmankiriago, also known as Brian outside of social media, is a 24-year-old creator from Nairobi, Kenya who has been an artist since childhood where he started with creative writing. He told us that he started writing poetry at a young age, then moved on to scary stories. He would share these stories with his classmates, which ultimately were hilariously terrified. Funnily, Chairmankiriago got in trouble because the kids would say they couldn’t sleep after reading his stories so he would then write happy stories to get kids to keep reading his writing and feel more comfortable with his writing style.

At a later age, he started reading about fractals, and what they meant in the world visually and universally, and started creating them. They started simple, and then he started to play with more complex mathematical formulas to create his art. When creating his fractal compositions, he deep dives into research to find the desired formulas, and then lets the element of surprise take over. He enjoys creating fractals as it lets him have fun and just be in the moment, to enjoy what comes to be no matter the outcome, and this fills him with a sense of pride.

If a pattern or color palette isn’t working out, he will stay with it until he feels happy with the final product. By keeping to his truth, he finds every creation meaningful, beautiful, and full of self-discovery.

Perspective #23 – Bought by

Above is a piece that Expressions purchased called Prospective #23. It resembles the beauty and depth of our universe and it just SPOKE to us. Brian told us that each piece means something else to each collector, it is truly our own perspectives that shape our understanding of each creation, and so true that is.

He is currently working on Abstract Medleys, a series of paintings that allow him to show his emotions, when he feels like he can’t express them in the outside world. His belief that life is yin/yang and if you don’t have both sides, you aren’t really living, and this is deeply represented in his new abstract series. The undulating colors give him a sense of creative truth and belonging, which we love to see.

A piece called ‘Abstract Coalescence’ by Chairmankiriago.

He shared, “I just think expressing myself is what matters the most. Plus freedom. That’s just what drives me right now. The freedom to create.”

You can listen to the whole interview on our Expressions Podcast below!

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