Emotional Clothing

Edison, a young man from Ivory Coast, relocated to the USA with his family when he was a kid after winning the immigration lottery and has devoted his life to the betterment of others. Emotional Clothing

Being in a war-torn country, he didn’t understand why his parents were fighting or why sister started self-harming. After they moved to the States, Edison started seeking help for all of the emotions he was feeling and didn’t know how to express. He uses fashion as his creative outlet, and started designing t-shirts with statements about feelings, things that are hard for males in any environment to show and make visible.

‘You matter to me’ & ‘You broke my heart’ tee shirts showing emotional vulnerability through fashion.

He saw a tweet one day by the rapper 2Chainz, saying that he was looking to invest in entrepreneurs that wanted to make a difference. And after speaking with 2Chains, the video of which you can see on Edisons website here, he received $15,000 to make his designs a thriving business. He used that money to get his biz off the ground, and bring therapy into his neighborhood. His shirts and hoodies have brave, bold, and vulnerable statements that are loud with color and enthusiasm for the transparency of self.

‘You are not alone’ hat by TrappingStyles aka Edison

Edison is currently working on a PG-rated version of Care Bears that have emotionally vulnerable statements, and is working to bring free therapy to children who are suffering from depression.

He ended our interview with a question for US. He asked us what we would like to change or need help with, something that totally took us off guard. Listen to the full interview below to hear what we replied with and feel the breadth of his bright and vibrant soul that truly ignited a self-healing passion in all that attended the live Twitter Space.

We are so excited to have him as a Founding Creative Member for our Expressions NFT Marketplace launch later this year, where all emotions are welcome!

Follow him on Twitter @TrappingStyles

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