Victoria is a painter, based in Nigeria. She graduated Art School in 2020, with a focus on painting. She likes to express herself in an Impressionistic style. Recently, she started utilizing the Impasto technique, using her palette knife to apply the paint in heavy layers is how she feels most expresses her feelings. She isn’t a fan of realism and prefers the way she can express herself with the Impressionistic-Impasto style.
‘Stare 2’ which we purched from her Renaissance collection.
In July she started experimenting with digital painting, and is working on a new collection of digital paintings, where she includes blue in many of her images, her favorite color.
Her piece called ‘I Wish’.
She feels serenity when she looks at the different shades that occur in her work. She finds inspiration in her daily life and in the empowerment of the female gender. The subjects in her paintings are mostly her friends, or people that she sees online.
A new digital piece of hers aon her IG
She is excited to be a part of the Women’s Rights event at Art Basel, and is looking forward to growing her relationship with Expressions. Listen to her full interview below!

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