Indira IofEYE, an independent artist and NFT creator, describes herself on Twitter as being “on a journey of creation & exploration through multidimensions of world and self.” And that’s an apt way to frame the creative energy she brings to the art space. Based in Copenhagen, Indira IofEYE (formally Indira Hasimbegovic) has been at the forefront of the alternative art scene there for many years. She studied and worked in politics and psychology and initially turned to art as a little side project in self-expression. 

About 15 years ago, she started to put more time and focus into creating art and found that there were so many modalities and languages that she could use to experiment with to tell her story, that she decided to choose art as a way of life. Now she’s known for “breathtaking works of vivid colors, where art forms and mediums are blended beautifully, giving her creations a depth of layers and details that is truly unique,” as wrote.

She is a true OG in the NFT space. She minted her first NFT in September 2020 in the Rarible marketplace.

Inspiration comes from within for IofEYE. She gets an internal impulse and will let it develop over a few hours. Stimulation can come from outside of her environment, but the impulse gets synthesized within her brain and body, then comes out in her mystical creations.

She is intrigued by mythology and the essence of life, and she says those themes are always working themselves out in her work.
Brightly colored Symbolism and mysticism animals

Totemic Whispers
Mythology has been ongoing in her life since she was an 8-year-old girl. The archetypes, heroes and symbology have always been an influence on her art. She often visualizes an image as she is on the brink of sleeping/waking and experiences morphing shapes. They have their internal logic and are very hybrid — she calls them hybrid mythologies. It’s an intuitive response to telling stories.

I wanted to know if she listens to music while she creates, as some of her work has a lot of movement in them. She said she tends to listen to non-verbal music when she is in the studio. Often it’s electronic, without words.

Asked about her process, she that she uses Photoshop for unrealistic effects. She likes to increase overlays, tinker with opacity and play with the layers to create new shapes, symbols, textures and colors. She goes about it with a gaming mentality — the process has to be fun, and she is looking for the unexpected.

She is an avid reader and sometimes ideas will synthesize, which becomes the impulse to create. She likes to play with the idea and let the images come about intuitively. But some of her projects are more conceptual and therefore constrained.
Color is the biggest influence on her work. The comic book illustrator Moebius (Jean Giraud) has also been a major influence on her. The elements of mythology and symbolism that he used, along with the storytelling that happened in one frame, have helped her along her artistic path.

Waking Dragons

In 2021, she joined objkt, the largest NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, and started minting more of her work. In turn, that led her to begin collecting other artists’ works because of how inexpensive it was to mint and buy in that marketplace.

I asked if she thought the artist as collector was sustainable for the long-term growth of the NFT ecosystem. She said every artist needs to decide for themselves if they can afford to be a collector and that there are other ways to support the artist community.

Her favorite artists are Danish painter Asger Jorn, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Carsten Nicolai.
Her favorite color is blue but more recently green.

I asked her to finish this sentence, “I would never create …” and she said, “something that is disrespectful or offensive to another living being.”

If she could change one thing in the NFT ecosystem, it would be to have more transparency of projects and intentions.
She is now working on multiple projects. One is a collaborative generative collection on fx hash, also on Tezos, and another is an interactive book experience, which is going to be an augmented and virtual reality experience.

The message she wants people to get from her art is to remind them of something in a playful way — for people to feel better after viewing her art.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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