Heatwave is a creative in visual arts, a survivor of modern life, and a student of political economies. Ze studied motion graphics design and hopes that this will be zir profession at some point. Ze got into the NFT ecosystem in April 2022 by submitting pieces for a Taiwanese NFT competition called Like Water on Earth Day.

Zir are inspired to create by many illustrators and motion graphic designers. The process of researching images started when ze was working as a designer assistant. The process was rewarding for ze and still uses this process to search for images.

Ze will do research when preparing concepts around climate change and political economies but otherwise doesn’t research for concepts, just imagery.

more than abundance

The strongest influence on zir work comes from frustration. Frustration from advocating societal ideals from zir earlier life. Heatwave faced a lot of frustration growing up in Taiwan.

Ze hasn’t really started to generate a new revenue stream yet, and says it’s more like “playing house”. But that ze enjoys making art, listing it, and selling it. The point for zir is to have fun while creating art.

There is a community of Taiwanese NFT artists that help with engagement and sales. But ze is looking for more of a community of like-minded artists across the globe. But also recognizes that we need more artists coming into the NFT ecosystem. And I said, we also need more collectors!

Heatwave is making art for themselves, and for the ability to make connections with people around the world.

Ze doesn’t have a favorite artist but admires the main title sequences by Kyle Copper.

Ze doesn’t really have a favorite color, but if ze had to pick, it might be magenta.

If ze could change 1 thing in the NFT ecosystem, it would be to bring in more artists and have more diversity among the artists.

Ze is in between works right now as ze just finished some exhibitions and is enjoying the downtime.

The message ze wants people to get from zir work is to find encouragement and inspiration when looking at zir work.

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