Joanne is a serial artist, she is always creating something. Little things catch her attention and spark her creativity. She does physical paintings, mixed media, sculpture, pottery, drawings, and AI. Most of her work starts with a photo, as she always has a camera within arms reach. She is always writing a story with visuals. 

She has a network of artist friends, both IRL and in the digital realm. They share ideas, inspiration, and support for each other.

She said that we live in an imperfect world, and yet, she tries to capture the perfect moment with her art. Working digitally allows her to edit and adjust her images to make them perfect.

Dreamy tropics

I asked whether being an NFT artist has created a new revenue stream for her, and she said yes, but that she tends to buy her friend’s art with it. I then asked if she thought that was sustainable, and her response was yes. She stated that purchasing art of new, up-and-coming artists gives them confidence and value and it helps to grow the network. That it is a show of solidarity, and also gives one the opportunity of getting in on the ground level, as some of these new artists gain popularity.

I wondered if she has a favorite artist, and she responded that she doesn’t have a single person/artist that is a favorite. She said she loves art and doesn’t want to pin herself down on 1 artist. She is inspired by all artists, large and small. “Art plants a seed of creativity.”


Her favorite color is blue, but red and purple are right there too.

If she could change 1 thing in the NFT space it would be less discord. “A community is stronger together than apart.”

Currently, she is working on a bunch of different projects. She said she is in the process of finishing 4 different paintings, editing some AI images, and always taking photos and editing those. She told me that she creates every day, so she is always working on something.

I wanted to know what message she wants people to take away from her art. And not surprisingly she said, “it’s the little things in life that we need to focus on.”

Listen to the full podcast here!

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