‘Origins & Ancestries: Genesis’
Giveaway & Rewards

Buyers of a Genesis NFT gets you these special benefits

“Origins & Ancestries: Genesis” is not your typical drop. It is the first initiative of The Creators Project and it paves the way for the debut of a major new NFT marketplace, Expressions. It all happens soon!

You’ll find hundreds of handmade digital works by 10 of the top artists in the Caribbean. All proceeds go to the artists or to worthy nonprofits. 100% of the art is stored on ipfs, not centralized Web2 servers.

Nearly all of these display at 4000 to 5000px or larger — suitable not just for your computer or phone but for displaying your art on a gorgeous digital wall canvas (see our Giveaway below).


Giveaway: Win a free Digital Wall Canvas

We are raffling off a 32-inch Blackdove Digital Canvas wall display, retail value $999. Show off your NFT art on a beautiful Internet-connected canvas. 

Everyone who buys an “Origins” NFT is automatically entered. Day One buyers will receive five times the number of entries in the raffle, so it pays to buy early and often! When the project drops, you can mint at low buy-now prices at expressions.com.


Special Benefits & Rewards

In addition to the raffle, everyone who buys an NFT during the “Origins & Ancestries: Genesis” drop receives these benefits: 

  1. 0% marketplace fee. Our usual transaction fee is waived for anyone who buys an Origins Genesis NFT (you pay only the gas).
  2. You get 1,000 free $AMBR tokens upon the token’s release.*
  3. You get an Expressions All Access Pass granting you token-gated access to both online and in-person live events with groundbreaking artists and creatives plus admission to private events at major NFT conferences (NFT NYC, etc.)
  4. Early access to future exclusive, invitation-only drops
  5. Voting rights on the release date to issue the $AMBR token

* 1,000 token units will be assigned to your wallet address and converted to $AMBR tokens for a targeted airdrop to early supporters after the Token Generation Event. Limit one airdrop per wallet. Contact us for additional details.