The other night we held a coming-out party for Expressions, our upcoming creator-focused collectibles marketplace, in the metaverse. It was only my second time in Decentraland, but it was a blast.

The event, Let’s Save the Creator Economy: An Ideastorm, combined a town hall, virtual art exhibit and dance party. Because of some glitch that no one could get to the bottom of, I wasn’t able to get my audio working. But that turned out to be a minor snafu as most of the attendees were taken with the amazing artworks on the walls before spinmeister DJ Henny arrived and set a groove that got the party pumping. (Turned out everyone else could hear.)

The crowd begins to gather during the "Origins & Ancestries" exhibit at Crypto Valley art gallery.
The crowd begins to gather during the “Origins & Ancestries” exhibit at Crypto Valley art gallery.


Decentraland, considered by many to be the top decentralized virtual world in Web3, is a 3D game where members can exchange digital land and goods. In some ways, it’s remarkably similar to Second Life in its heyday, right down to its trippy virtual garb.

The Crypto Valley art gallery curator was kind enough to showcase 24 works of art from the upcoming “Origins & Ancestries” collection series. The Genesis Drop is due to hit next week most likely — stay tuned for the announcement of the exact date! — featuring 11 top artists from the Caribbean. Season two takes place in July, featuring top artists from Africa. Unlike generative art projects, each drop will consist of about 1,000 high-quality handmade digital works by each artist.

We’ll post more about the upcoming launch of Expressions in the coming days. Meantime, it was utterly cool to see these works receive the prominent play they did inside Crypto Valley. I urge you to check out Decentraland, get spiffed up, and check out other art exhibits that pass through the gallery.

The crowd begins to gather during the "Origins & Ancestries" exhibit at Crypto Valley art gallery.
Seafoam inspects Trinidadian artist Edward Bowen’s works.

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