Oluwanifemi Abiodun, also known as The Tall Artist, is a Nigerian visual artist who creates captivating works of art through the use of painting and photography. Standing at 6’ 3”, The Tall Artist paints symbols and icons onto his subjects and then captures them through photography. He uses Procreate to edit his work and then releases it as NFTs. The Tall Artist first learned about NFTs in 2021 and officially joined the NFT community in February 2022, releasing his first NFT on OpenSea in April of the same year.

Inspiration for The Tall Artist’s work comes from his surroundings, and he sees himself as a mirror, conveying his story through his drawings. He is constantly experimenting with new mediums and techniques, such as fusing digital art with body painting.

A young girl gazes strongly into the camera
Before You Blink

One of his notable works, “Before You Blink,” highlights the fleeting nature of life and encourages the viewer to make the most of their time. His latest work, “This is Love Thyself,” is an experiment in combining digital and body art.

As both an artist and collector, The Tall Artist believes it’s important to support other artists in the NFT community. He sees a need for new collectors to come into the market to increase the currency available to support all the talented artists.

Man gazing upwards with symbols painted on his face.
When There's A Will

The Tall Artist is a fan of Laolu Senbanjo, also known as Laolu NYC.

Some of his favorite NFT artists are,  PhotonKnight, AstroWurld, and Romigenic, among others.

His favorite color is yellow, which he sees as bright and warm.

If he could change one thing about the NFT ecosystem, The Tall Artist would like to see artists better able to reach their target audience and collectors. He is currently collaborating with another Nigerian body painter and has plans to create a series of historical Nigerian portraits.

The message he wants to convey through his work is to inspire others to create their own story and to enjoy the process and story behind his own.


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