From the moment we opened the doors on Saturday evening on Dec. 3 during Miami Art Week 2022, the event hall at Blackdove NFT Gallery in Wynwood was PACKED!

Expressions, powered by Web3 innovator Amberfi, hosted the only Women’s NFT Event at Art Basel and Miami Art Week, which surprised everyone. Since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs. Wade earlier this year, women’s rights issues have risen to the forefront of the international landscape. That, coupled with critical issues worldwide related to women’s contraceptive care, sexual education, and equality rights that have been overlooked and pushed aside for so long. This was an event where women took the power of the night and carried it with pride.

Artwork by Ratee Apana & NFTipi

As the proud Director of Community for Expressions, I curated 17 female artists from across the world, including the Caribbean, Poland, Australia, Nigeria, the UK, United States, Venezuela, and a First Nations artist from Canada.

The show consisted of art that was made and donated specifically for this event, drawing on their personal experiences about what their autonomy and rights as a woman means to them.

Artists in the house

It was an emotional evening that drew tears, laughter, long conversations, and a new desire to be seen on a global stage like never before. Five of the 17 artists were able to come to the show and many spent the entire evening there, greeting and meeting people from across the globe. For many, this was their first ever NFT event.

Adriana Krawcewicz, a fashionista and illustrator whose work called VHORE was showcased, sat and drew incredible portraits of women who came to the show, including Sandy Carter of Unstoppable Domains.

Isabel Berenos, Giovanna Melfi, SUPERAMA, me, Luli Sulichin, Adriana Krawcewicz & Stacey Yael.

The other artists who were able to come and join us that evening included Caribbean painter turned digital artist Isabel Bérénos, Miami photographer Luli Sulichin, Venezuelan Web3Equity PFP designer SUPERAMA, and Australian painter and digital artist Aslan Ruby.

A packed gallery the whole evening!

The chief purpose of the event was to raise awareness and funding for the charities within the realm of women’s rights and equality. Each of the women artists were able to select a charity to support with the proceeds from their 1 of 1 works.  It is amazing to see which charity each picked and what each piece represents to them and their lives.

SUPERAMA & Luli Sulichin

This was a monumental moment for women across the world, especially artists in the NFT space where women-made art still makes up less than 15% of the total art sold within Web3. We have a long way to go to attain true equality within the space — but this event was the beginning of many more events of its kind that can truly change the world.

All art remains on auction through Dec. 20.

The auction for these pieces is continuing through Dec. 20. Owners get to own these single creations, and many of the artists have attached utility — aka a reward or perk — for the owners as well as part of unlockable content. You can visit and take part in the auction here!


The other incredible women who were part of this event include Zoe Osborne, Kathleen Bonsall, Ratee Apana, MoxyStarr, Barbara Davidson, NesRox, Victoria Erioluwa, NFTipi, Janet Adebayo, Maryanne Chisholm, An1, Dominique Hunter and Sofia Maldonado-Suárez. You can find some of my works on OpenSea.

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