Ann Chou, an artist and illustrator in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei, specializes in drawing images from her own experiences to share her explorations of life and to comment on contemporary culture through her interpretations of cinema. Since January 2022, she has been active in the NFT ecosystem. She minted her first NFT piece on AKA Swap in Taiwan before the Lunar New Year and gained her audience on Instagram before transitioning to Twitter. Ann draws inspiration from films and uses art to comment on her life experiences and environment. She has a series featuring characters with ears in place of heads, based on 10 prominent players in the NFT ecosystem.

Left Ear_Moviegoer

Her Taiwanese community shares some of the same issues of engagement and sales. They are there to support each other but also need more collectors, Ann said. Having a community has been instrumental in her growth as an NFT artist.

When she compares her NFT process to the traditional/physical art world, she is excited and grateful that there is less time and money involved in creating NFTs.

As a creator-collector, she believes that all artists naturally are art lovers and therefore collectors. She likes to show her collection and sees it as a way to grow her community and followers.


Her favorite artists are British illustrator Owen Gent and Gustav Klimt, the Austrian painter who started a highly decorative painting style.

Her favorite NFT artists are all of them. She believes that every NFT artist is admirable.

Her favorite color is karakurena, a red similar to that used in the Chinese flag and traditionally used in manga.

I asked what she would change in the NFT ecosystem, and she responded that everything changes so fast in the NFT world that she would change herself first.

Her goal for 2023 is to learn music composition and try new styles, including abstract and watercolor. She hopes to make more money from NFT sales and wants her viewers to form their own opinions based on her commentary on films. 


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