22-year-old Nigerian 3D artist, Photon, got started in 3D art from his education in architecture. As an architecture student, he became familiar with many different software programs, and started experimenting with interior and exterior landscapes as a way to tell a story. 

He is inspired by his curiosity in life and his love of philosophy and psychology. He wants to tell the story that is in his head, or by what he sees and feels. He has an overactive imagination, and that helps drive him to create. Music plays an important part in his storytelling, and in his creative process. He said music connects his ideas to images.

We discussed his Boundless collection, and how these images were inspired by media representation. Movies, music, memories and poetry all played a part in the creation of these “beings”.

His favorite thing to create are landscapes. He is driven to create something that no one’s seen before. But he also likes to recreate scenes from his memories, movies or an inspiring story or artwork.

His favorite artist is DaVinci. DaVinci’s love for human evolution and his exploration in other forms of art resonates with him. And perhaps due to them both being architects, they view the world in similar ways?

We asked what he is working on now, and he let us know that he is doing some experimenting, and working with minimalism in interior spaces, and developing some character art. No plans to mint right away, he just wants to focus on creating.

The message he wants people to get from his work is, to see the world in a different way. To ask questions about life, and to feel a sense of peace.

Listen below to their full interview!

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