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About Renata Sá


Renata Sá is a designer based in Rio de Janeiro working with web3 projects, design studios & art collectives globally. In early 2022 joined Amberfi’s creative team interested in contributing to the expansion of inclusive web3 spaces and new world perspectives.

Since 2016 has been involved with projects transiting through the cultural scene, working with art direction, editorial design, photography, branding, graphic design and interface design. Is currently investing in user experience & interface design projects through a multidisciplinary praxis and a branding strategy approach. Has a close relationship with independent collectives around the globe, exploring an experimental language for original production.

Hobbies & PassionsRenata is a music, theater & cinema enthusiast with a very eclectic taste. Their favorite bands are Fleetwood Mac and Marillion. Is all about Broadway Musicals & singing along. Is also a speed bike rider and an outside explorer.

They have also been street photographing for personal projects for 9 years and her own favorite series is from her 2017’s California Highway One roadtrip.