Nigerian multidisciplinary artist that found his self-worth in creating digital art. He likes to make stuff, and started making art as a child to make friends and have a human connection. This is where he finds inspiration, connecting to people via something that he made. His art is about the stories that make us human, our connection with others. 

 He finds that photography is the medium that he is most drawn to, but he is a digital artist and graphic designer, as well. When he is taking photos, he feels that there is no wrong way to do it, and there is no pressure to make it perfect. He shoots in color, but edits a lot of time in Black & White. He feels that editing in B & W gives him more control, and allows him to get more shades of gray, more depth in the shadows and the highlights.

This led to the discussion of his series, The City That Raised Me. He didn’t realize it when he started the project, but with the help of his friend, he was able to use B & W as a way to create a cinematic effect, and create the feeling of something happening in the past. He stated that it is a very personal story, but something that he felt inclined to tell.

We next discussed his collection, AfroTroves. This collection was created after he sold his 1st NFT, and he was looking for inspiration. As an Ijo-Nigerian, he started looking for art from his ancestors. He couldn’t find any, and started searching online. He found a French auction house that was auctioning off a large collection of Ijo statues. He got screenshots, and also some catalogs, and started his repatriation project. He used shades of blue to represent the river, and browns to comment on the ecological destruction of the area from the extraction of crude oil.

His favorite artist is Basquiat. He loves that Basquiat was brave and believed in his artistry. His favorite colors are Blue, Black, and Pink! This is the 1st time pink gets in the mix! The message he wants people to get from his work is, “to feel what he is feeling.”

He is working on 2 new photo projects. He is seeking funding to create his Magnus Opus, which is inspired by the absurdity of violence. How most of the time violence is about someone’s desire to be heard. He wants to explore this idea with satire/irony.

Listen to their full interview below!

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