Niyi/El Diablo/the gr8liberator is a multidisciplinary artist from Nigeria. Ever since he was a little kid, he has been creative. At some point, he stopped creating art, but it was the NFT art scene in Nigeria that brought him back to his roots as a creator.  

El Diablo derives inspiration from his desire to share his feelings and emotions, as he doesn’t feel like he has the words to express them. So, he decided to infuse some of those feelings into his art. He is also inspired by the NFT community in Nigeria. There are many great artists there, and they have built a close-knit community that helps to push each other toward greatness.

His favorite color is purple and loves all its different shades.

He has a new collection launching this week, called Metaphysical Visions After Dark. He has started using AI to create the images that he uses for his collages, so that he doesn’t have to worry about using the same or similar stock imagery as someone else. He wanted to work with the theme of dark/creepy imagery and Halloween as that goes with his name, El Diablo.

He chose to go with things that are metaphysical and “keep creating things that are not just natural, something that is extraordinary, something that has more than reality to it. So yeah, I think yeah, that is the reason why I love making metaphysical pieces.” He went on to say that when he came ponto the NFT scene, he realized that he needed to create something that was more than just a pretty picture, so he chose to focus on metaphysical themes, which is his favorite branch of philosophy.

He is creating all of these pieces on his phone with multiple apps. Pretty incredible! He started the Diablo-verse as a collective for 1/1 artists to be able to come together and make fun art as a group. They pull their resources and inspiration to produce creative projects. It is an alternative universe where everyone and everything is a Diablo.

The message he wants people to get from his work is that you can create whatever you want. Make the best of whatever situation you’re in.

Listen here for the whole podcast!

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