Claire was born in the UK and moved to Spain when she was 16 years old. She is a primary school teacher in Madrid, and is a drone pilot/photographer. 

She has always been a lover of photography, but she really fell in love when she discovered drone photography. She minted her first NFT in January 2022, which was from a trip to Iceland. Those pieces are available on Opensea.

We asked about her process, she said she knows what she wants for the images before sending the drone into flight. She flies really high, and then does “look downs”, meaning she shoots straight down.

Part of her process is planning the trip, doing research to make sure she is allowed to fly the drone, and if there are any restrictions around drone flight. To stay on top of where drones are allowed she follows other drone pilots on social media.

Monday Blues

We asked about how she balances the different aspects of life; being a mom, an artist, and a teacher. She answered that she doesn’t have much free time, but that she makes time to create. She will compromise with her family so that she has time to create her images.

We talked about some of her collections, Together, which she shot with friends in the Canary Islands. She placed her friends where she wanted them to create the images. We also discussed an image from her collection, Through the Lens, of the monk in a spectacular hat.

She told us that they got up early to hike up a mountain to capture the sunrise, and miraculously saw the monk standing there, staring off into the horizon.

Coming up next she is traveling to the northern coast of Spain, then back to the Canary Islands. She has 2 places on her bucket list, the Philippines and Bali.


Her favorite artist is the landscape photographer, David Santiago.

Her favorite NFT artist is the drone pilot, Mare Watson.

Her favorite color is Blue.

The inspiration for her work is to create an image that someone would want to be in the picture, and that she would want to put on her wall.


Listen to the full podcast here!

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