Wildy has been a fashion designer and illustrator for 16 years. In 2021, she and her family moved from NYC to North Carolina to have a slower-paced life. It was also when she decided to go freelance, which would give her the freedom to create. Storytelling is important to her, as she wants to address colorism, and racism and bring awareness to the auto-immune disease, Vitiligo. Representation in art matters.

She minted her first NFT in February 2022. Her style was well received and she sold out several collections during the bull run. The momentum helped build her confidence in the NFT market. 

She draws inspiration from the fashion icons, Cristobal Balenciaga and Karl Lagerfeld, as well as Pop Artist, Andy Warhol. Her husband is also an inspiration to her, as he is a singer-songwriter, and is always creating something. Her inspiration is always coming from fashion, especially from Balenciaga.

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I asked if being an NFT artist has created a new revenue stream for her, she responded with an absolute, yes. We discussed how being an NFT artist has broadened her reach, and is also allowing her to onboard some Web2 brands into Web3. We discussed how fashion in Web3 and the metaverse is really pushing things forward, and will onboard many more people into the ecosystem.

I asked what would be 1 thing she would like to see a change in the NFT market, and her response was to reduce the greed element. Artists wanting loads of followers and sales, and not caring about organic growth.

She talked about advocating for herself, and the need to fight for equality.

Her favorite color is taupe, and all the neutral earth tones.

Her favorite traditional artist is Pablo Picasso.

When I asked for a favorite NFT artist, she refused to answer the question. So diplomatic!

wildy + luther

She is working on a few new projects, one is inspired by Picasso. Another is a drop for Foundation. This project, el jardin de la Libertad (the freedom garden), tells the story of Libertad, as she journeys to freedom from shame, leading the way for other women to enter the garden. This journey for self, and finding freedom from the beauty standards of society from the fashion world. There is a vulnerability as an artist, telling her story through her art.

And then there’s the Christmas drop on Known Origin which will be a whimsical, sketchy, fashion-based series called Wildflower 38.

Lastly, I asked what message she wants people to get from her work. She said that she wants people to expand their acceptance of others, and to embrace who they are. “What you look like   on the outside doesn’t define who you are.”

Listen to the full podcast here!

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