What this is

This is a grassroots effort to help spread the word about worthy NFT art projects that move us toward a more culturally diverse, inclusive NFT art ecosystem so that artists and creatives from all corners of the globe can feel represented in Web3.

What this entails

Our ask is that collectors, influencers, arts organizations and artists to come together to let your communities know about worthy projects that come across your radar.  

What’s in it for you

In some cases, it’s just about serving the public good and providing value to your followers.

In other cases, there may be additional benefits involved. See the Projects section for details.

Project No. 1

5 artists' images

Origins & Ancestries: Genesis (June 2023)

The Artists & creatives Foundation is launching an art drop of 860 handmade 1 of 1s by top artists in the Caribbean. 100% of the proceeds go to the artists or to worthy regional nonprofits. 100% of the art is on chain, and nearly all the works contain utility from the artists and special benefits and rewards from the Expressions marketplace. 

Benefits to partner organizations, ambassadors & referrers: 

10% Rebate: Anyone who uses your special Rewards Code gets 10% off their final bid

10% Finders Fee: In addition, we will airdrop you a Finders Fee in ETH amounting to 10% of the NFT sales price for every NFT sold with your Rewards Code.

Preview of the artwork:  https://expressions.live/origins-ancestries-genesis-drop/

Background about the project: https://ambr.live

To participate: Just DM us on Twitter at @expressionsmkt so we can send you your Rewards Code to share with your network.